‘Tis the season…

Time is flying; it’s already been a week since Thanksgiving. I hope you all had time to enjoy the day.

I’m in the middle of preparing several Clark House Historian posts and the writing is going slowly. But! December is here and I’m starting to feel the holiday spirit. So until I finish my current research and writing project (we’ve got to bring the Bonniwells back from the California gold rush!), how about a seasonal photo from my most recent visit to the Clark House?

Clark House front parlor with holiday candle, 2022. Photo credit: Reed Perkins.

The Clark House has been decorated for the holidays in period-appropriate style, and looks wonderful. If you have a chance to visit, please do. Contact the museum for December opening hours (I think the house may be open this afternoon, FYI).

What is that thing?

And if you do visit, take a look in the pantry area, above the dry sink. See the swinging arms on each side of the mirror? I just noticed these the other day.

Photo credit: Reed Perkins, 2017

If you look at the one on the right side of the mirror—to the right of the hanging kitchen towels—you’ll see a kind of wooden frame of long, thin arms with perpendicular cross bars at each end. This device is made for winding skeins of yarn “coming directly from the bobbin on the spinning wheel.” (source).

Of course, this helpful device has a name. A wonderful, archaic, epic name. This, dear readers, is a niddy noddy.

Ain’t history grand?

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon with more substantial posts. Have a great weekend.

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