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Clark House Historian blog is now in its seventh year of researching, writing and sharing historical material. Here is some important general information for readers:

• This blog is written in support of the mission of the Jonathan Clark House Museum but the website and—unless noted otherwise—its contents and the views expressed are those of the author, Reed Perkins.

• Feel free to link to the blog, and contact me if you are interested in republishing any of the site contents. Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this site are copyright © Reed Perkins 2016-2023, and may not be used without permission.

• Because of the nature of historical and archival collections in general, it may sometimes be difficult or impossible to determine copyright owners. I would like to hear if you find material on this website to which you believe you own copyright. Please contact me so that we may resolve any questions you may have regarding the use of this material. Upon request, I will remove material from public view while we address a rights issue.

• This blog cites and republishes material from a variety of historical sources. Some of these sources contain language or images that may be offensive to contemporary standards. I only use such sources when their content is essential to the discussion at hand. I do not support racist, sexist, nationalist, or similarly odious ideologies, but I research and write about American history, where such topics are sometimes unavoidable and should not be swept under the rug. Please contact me if you have questions, concerns or comments about a particular post, image, document, quotation or citation.

Thank you for reading.