Summer evening…

Hello, readers! Sorry for the long blog silence. I hope you are well.

It’s been a busy summer at my house, filled with the usual demands of job, summer garden chores, lots of behind-the-scenes history research and, alas, an unexpectedly large number of mundane but unavoidable tasks, most of which are now behind me.

I have a backlog of half-written posts to finish and share with you. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this photo.

Cedar Creek, looking north from the Columbia Road bridge, Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Photo credit: Reed Perkins, July, 2022.

The view looks north along Cedar Creek from near the historic Cedarburg Mill, about two miles north of the Jonathan Clark House. Turn off the electric lights, and this is a view that the Clark family would have known well.

Looking ahead

The good news is that I’ve been having some excellent history-related adventures lately, including a very special visit to the Clark House and nearby Cedarburg in July. I’ll have lots to say about that shortly.

And just the other day I managed to take a field trip (pun intended) to another of my favorite places:

Photo credit: Reed Perkins, August, 2022

I’ll have more to say about this house—built circa 1846 in old Washington county but now located, shall we say, elsewhere in Wisconsin—later this fall.

But first, we have to bring Alfred Bonniwell back from the California gold fields, catch up with the Clark and Turck families, and talk about a very old and very special Bonniwell book that has come home to Mequon and the Jonathan Clark House museum.

See you soon.

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