Late June at the Clark House…

Jonathan Clark House Museum, pantry area, June 29, 2022. Photo by Reed Perkins.

Yesterday was the annual “Pie on the Patio” fundraising event for the Jonathan Clark House Museum. I made the drive up to Mequon and had a great time visiting and talking history with many old—and new—Clark House friends.

I also enjoyed a quick walk through the Clark House itself, and the place looks better than ever. Jonathan and Mary Clark’s house may be about 175 years old, but the Jonathan Clark House Museum is relatively new, founded just ten years ago. Since then, every year brings additions to our collection of furnishings and artifacts, and more detail to our interpretation of the Clark family and their era. Kudos to all the volunteers, and especially Fred Derr and Nina Look, for the ongoing improvements.

If you haven’t been to the Clark House in a while, come by and see what’s up. For hours and other information, follow this link to the museum’s website.

Coming up…

I’ve been preoccupied with lots of non-Clark House “stuff” lately, and I’m overdue to share more Clark House history with you. Among other things, we have to get Alfred Bonniwell home from the California gold fields, there are all kinds of Turck and Clark family mysteries to solve, and we’ve got a very special announcement to make later this month.

So stay tuned for more history!

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