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The Friends of the Jonathan Clark House February newsletter is here! Many thanks to all the volunteers, donors, and Clark House board members for their continuing work “to collect, preserve and share the history of the Jonathan Clark House and the early settlers of Mequon Thiensville.”

Once again, Clark House executive director Nina Look has done a wonderful job leading the work of the museum, coordinating the volunteers, and putting together an informative and generously-illustrated newsletter. Just click on this image of the first page to open your own downloadable pdf in a new window:

One of the highlights of the February newsletter is the debut article by one of our Clark House young historians, Spencer Holloway. Spencer chose to portray and interpret one of Mequon’s earliest settlers, Peter Turck (1798-1872). Spencer has been working with me, Nina Look, and Clark House education director Margaret Bussone to gather historical information about Peter Turck and share it with you. Congratulations to Spencer for his first publication. Click the page below to open a larger page in a new window.

For the record, two typos made their way into earlier editions of Spencer’s essay. Both are corrected above, and in the downloadable pdf of the whole newsletter (click here).

Elsewhere in the newsletter we celebrate the arrival of new board members, salute two of our dedicated volunteers, list our recent donors, and share news of projects finished and in-progress. And Margaret Bussone has written a lovely tribute to the late Diane Schlitz and her work in creating what has now become our Heritage Days series of educational activities.

There are photographs and news of our local barred owl, and a “save the date” for a special 200th birthday celebration, coming May 3, 2021.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back soon to answer the burning question: Durk, Turk, or Turck—what’s up with that?

Stay safe. Be well.

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