December’s Here…

December’s here, and I’m starting to get into the holiday spirit. That means lots of—mostly pleasant—chores and tasks at my home this week. So, no blog essay Wednesday or today.

But how about a holiday view of the Clark House, just to bring a little light to our wintry evenings?

Jonathan M. Clark house, November, 2018. Photo courtesy Nina Look. Click to open larger image in new window.

I hope all is well at your home. Back with more Clark House history, soon.

3 thoughts on “December’s Here…

    • Well, we don’t know much at all about specific Clark family holiday traditions in the 1800s. Nina Look and the Clark House museum volunteers decorate the house with holiday decor typical of the 1840-1860 era in Wisconsin, including a small, table-top, fir tree with handmade decorations. They also put a wreath on the front door and (electric) candles in the windows; I’ll have to check with Nina on those. I suspect they may be a nod to New England (and/or modern American?) traditions.

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