Last days of summer…

I’m taking the day off today. Feel free to catch up on our recent posts. It’s been a productive summer for research and blogging.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice view of the front (south) side of the Jonathan Clark House, looking to the east.

Photo by Reed Perkins. Click to open larger image in new window.

Enjoy your weekend.


And don’t forget, we enjoy weekends because of decades of effort by union organizers and workers. Take a moment to remember—and appreciate—labor on Labor Day weekend.

3 thoughts on “Last days of summer…

  1. Love this view of the house; a closer look at the stone work, so much handiwork. Picturing Jonathan, admiring the results. For the ages!


  2. Amen! And appreciate the five day, forty-hour work week – a product of unions. Who knows how much employers would be wringing out of us now without that.


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