Have you voted?

It’s not too late to cast your ballot in the reader’s poll from our previous post, asking how I should archive the contents of my April 22 Cedarburg History Museum talk here at Clark House Historian. Should I publish the words and images as a series of usual-format CHH blog posts, or as one or more YouTube videos, featuring all the original PowerPoint slides, accompanied by my re-recorded narration?

The polls are still open, and the lines are short. Just scroll down to the Leave a Reply box, below, and where it says “Enter your comment here…” leave your vote for “Blog posts” or “YouTube videos.”  Questions? For the full story, just click this link and read the second part of Monday’s post, beginning at “That was fun!”

In the words of the late, great, Mayor Richard J. Daley, “vote early and vote often!”


Photo Credit: Today’s photograph is titled/captioned by the Library of Congress staff as:

Harris & Ewing, photographer. Washington Votes; first time since 1874. Washington, D.C., April 30 [1938]. It was a long time between votes, to 1938, but the Capitol bridged a gap today when its residents cast a city-wide ballot on the question of whether suffrage shall be voted to the voteless community. Mr and Mrs Paul R. Henry are shown depositing their ballots while Miss Magdalena Gale registers them, 4/30/38. United States Washington D.C. source.

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