Rothstein, Arthur, photographer. Detour sign, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1940, Library of Congress (public domain).

I know, I know. Clark House Historian blog posts have been sparse lately.

It’s not for lack of material. I have a big backlog of Clark House history, with many interesting maps, images and documents to write about and share with you. But my history research—and writing—have taken a bit of a detour over the last few weeks…

Change in itinerary

Happily, my recent change in plans is a really nice development, as I’ve managed to connect with my geographically distant, but genealogically close, cousins. I only have a few cousins, and now that I’ve found them, we’ve been taking time to catch up, swapping information and photos and stories about our families.

So that means I actually have been writing a lot of history (via email) over the last week or two, but it hasn’t been Clark House history. Hence the lack of blog posts.

Or is it all Clark House history?

Now that I think about it, my cousins are also great-great-great grandchildren of early Mequon settler Peter Turck and, therefore, also great-great-great nieces and nephew of the Clark House’s co-founder, Mary (Turck) Clark. So in a way, they’re part of the Clark, Turck, and Jonathan Clark House story—and legacy—too.

Anyway, I expect to be back with new Clark House Historian posts later this week. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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