Computers and such…

It’s been a hectic few days here at Clark House Historian. Some of our essential technology was getting to the end of its useful life, so we’ve spent the last few days upgrading and updating some critical—but now outdated—hardware and software.

The Bonus division where the many clerks figure the amount of the bonus each veteran is entitled to / [Between 1909 and 1932] Photograph. Library of Congress.

Which reminds me, that not too long ago the word computer was a job description, and not a device.

But that’s not all

We had to update our telephones, too.

Photo credit: Rexroth family collection.

The fetching young woman with the bright red hair and the stylish prom dress is my dear mother-in-law Sherry (Shanahan) Rexroth. She is using a shared hallway phone, probably at a Nebraska Wesleyan University dorm in the late-1950s.

Really. A phone on every floor! Who could imagine such modern luxuries in a college dorm?

Coming up

Now that our tech issues are solved, I’ll be back with more history shortly.

See you then.

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