Hammering away…

Unknown photographer, [Occupational Portrait of a Blacksmith, Three-Quarter Length, Working on a Horseshoe at an Anvil, Other Tools to His Side], no place, daguerreotype circa 1840-1860. Library of Congress, public domain, cropped and exposure lightened. Click to open larger image in new window.

I’m at the writer’s “forge,” trying to beat several new blog posts into shape.

It’s not that I have all that many documents to work with, it’s that each document needs a good deal of analysis and interpretation, and it’s taking more time than I expected.

Anyway, I’ll be back shortly with more in our Alfred Bonniwell series. Until then, enjoy this hand-tinted daguerreotype portrait of a Clark-era blacksmith “at work,” at his anvil…in the photographer’s studio.

See you soon. Be well.