It’s our Blog Birthday!

Clark House Historian is 5 years old today!!

Jonathan Clark House, Mequon, Wisconsin, July, 2015. Photograph by Reed Perkins. Click to open larger image in new window.

Our very first post, announcing the new blog, went live on March 29, 2016. The information in that post has now been revised and expanded into the About and Disclaimers sections of the blog.

The first posts with historical content followed in April, 2016. I still link to one of those posts—Where are we?—when I need to explain the evolving place names and political geography of the Mequon area.

Since the first Clark House Historian posts in 2016 we have learned a lot more about the Clark house, its occupants and their families, friends and neighbors. If you’re new to the blog—or the Jonathan M. Clark House—here are some good places to begin reading (and be sure to click the links in each article):

Getting started (or up-to-date):

For an introduction to Jonathan M. Clark, his life and his family, start with Happy 208th Birthday, Jonathan!

For an overview of the life of Mary (Turck) Clark, the Clark children, and their spouses, the revised info begins with Mary Turck Clark—updated

For other subjects and surnames, be sure to check out our new and still under construction Index. If what you’re looking for is not yet in the index, be sure to use our robust Search feature. Just type a name, word or phrase in the Search box, click on the Search button, and then scroll down for the results. Some useful sources and information can be found with search terms such as Map, Census, School, Election, Army, Canada, and so forth.

What’s next?

Since March 29, 2016, we’ve published 170 posts—over 130,000 words—and dozens of maps, photographs, census schedules and other documents and source materials. The blog has been visited almost 11,000 times by over 2,200 visitors.

So what’s next? Well, there is so much more to discover. Some of the themes we’ll look at in our sixth year include:

• the eight Clark children, their spouses and their families
• more on Jonathan M. Clark’s probable Canadian roots and the search for his family
• Peter Turck—Mary Clark’s father—and his family
• Mary Clark’s later years in Milwaukee
• more on early Mequon neighbors, including Native Americans
• more on aspects of daily life—trades, women’s lives, children’s activities, schooling, etc.—in early Mequon
• healthcare and mental health in early Wisconsin and its impact on the Turck and Clark famlies
• and—of course—a History Mystery or two plus…more maps!

Don’t miss a single post!

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What do you think?

As always, I love to hear from our readers. Comments, corrections, questions, hot tips, documents, photographs and other images are always welcome. You can scroll down the the end of each post and Leave a Reply, or you can contact me privately via the Contact feature on the main menu. Either way, please feel free to add your voice to the Clark House Historian conversation.

Thanks for reading.

Back again soon with more history.


UPDATED, 29 March 2021, to fix an incorrect link in the second paragraph. The link to the original, correct, post is Where are we?

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  1. Wow! five years old. Thanks for your research and dedication.
    I am also celebrating my birthday (today) with my twin sister Dona.



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