CHH Reader Challenge!

I’m working on some longer posts about Peter Turck, Mary Turck Clark, and other Jonathan Clark House related topics. One of those posts should be ready by Friday.

Meanwhile, here’s a Clark House Historian Reader Challenge: where you get to be the historian!

Here’s an excerpt of a document that will be part of an upcoming post. Can you read and transcribe it?

CHH Reader Challenge #1. Click to open larger image in new window.

Ignore the squiggles in the top right corner, they belong to another record on the same page.

Need a hint? Here’s the whole page that this record is taken from:

CHH Reader Challenge #1 (source page). Click to open larger image in new window.

Hint number 2: you may find my discussion of Kurrent-style handwriting helpful. (But this is probably not, strictly-speaking, German Kurrentschrift. Or perhaps it is. I’m not 100% sure.)

Send your guesses to me via the Leave a Reply—Enter your comment here… box at the bottom of this post. The first reader to make a correct transcription wins a short Mequon-related post (by me) at Clark House Historian, or I’ll do a free historical document lookup from the major online document sources that I have access to (success not guaranteed, but I’ll do my best).

Have fun!

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