JCH Annual Report, 2020

In spite of the stresses and disruptions the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought to all of our lives, 2020 was a busy and productive year for the Jonathan Clark House Museum, and the many Clark House friends and volunteers that support its mission to collect, preserve and share the history of the Jonathan Clark House and the early settlers of Mequon-Thiensville.

As is her custom, Clark House Museum executive director Nina Look has put together an excellent—and generously illustrated—document summarizing our 2020 activities. To catch up with all that’s gone on in the past year with the museum and the Friends, and to enjoy all 12 pages of the report, either click this link, or click the photo of the report’s first page (below). Either should open the complete 2020 Annual Report in a new window for reading or downloading:

This year’s document includes a summary of the past year of research and writing here at Clark House Historian, our most productive year since the blog began in 2016. (In a year that has been so full of stresses, I can report that social distancing has had a substantial, positive effect on research and writing.)

If you’d like to support the Clark House and its educational activities in 2021, just click here for more information on how to join the Friends of the Clark House.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support of the Jonathan Clark House!

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