Happy Anniversary!

The Clark House Historian blog is two years old today!

Our first post, “Welcome!,” was posted on March 29, 2016, and can be found here; it is also anchored at the top of the home page. More substantial posts (with photos!) followed  in April, introducing Jonathan M. Clark, his wife Mary Turck and the Clark House. In the years since, we’ve published 29 blog posts, almost 20,000 words, and dozens of historic images and maps. We’ve had over 2000 views from 512 visitors. Our readers are mostly from the United States, but we also have readers in Canada, the EU, South Korea, Germany and the Netherlands. Thank you all for your support!

Whether you are a new reader, or you’ve been following the blog since the beginning, here are some suggestions for catching up on missed posts or finding specific information that interests you:

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CCH Main Menu

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CHH Tag icons

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I hope the Clark House Historian posts inspire you to learn more about the house, the family and neighbors, and the history of Old Washington/Ozaukee counties. If you are interested, I have included a list of “More Info” links. Most are free sites; those that are not are labeled “($).” Some pay sites, such as Ancestry.com, can be accessed for free at your local library. I encourage you to take advantage of as many of these resources as you can. And in particular, support your local historical societies. They do invaluable work preserving and interpreting rare and unique local history and resources, often on a shoestring budget.

CHH More Info sidebar links

Finally, readers using the site on tablets and smartphones will notice the site layout is a bit different; this makes the site easier to read and use on a small screen. All the same content and elements are there, you may just need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen, or click slightly different icons to get similar results. For example, here’s the iPhone version of the home page:

CHH main menu-iPhone, closed

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CHH main menu-iPhone open

Thanks again for reading! I’m looking forward to sharing another year of Clark House history with you. Please “follow” the blog and be sure to contact me with your questions, comments, corrections, and suggestions for further blog topics. Cheers!