Blog Stuff

Random blog stuff, FWIW:

• I’m still getting the hang of WordPress’s blog platform and features. I create the posts on a Mac desktop, and I’d love to know how the blog looks and performs on various platforms: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Mac and PC, and such.

• So far, I’ve transcribed a few original documents and posted them as WordPress block quotes. The block quote tool is limited in its formatting choices, and often does weird and unpredictable things to indents, spacings and font sizes. And the dark-ish gray font on the light gray block quote box could pose readability problems for some readers. Question for you readers: would it be better if I posted black and white pdfs of word-processed transcriptions (which would also allow more precise transcription of the original document format), or are the block quotes OK?

• I’m trying to hide the more memory-intensive graphics below the “Continue reading…” break, but sometimes it’s better to lead off with the graphic. (And sometimes I forget to insert the break until after I put the new post online. Sorry about that.) Is anyone having problems with the blog’s graphics using too much memory on your device? Let me know if it’s an issue.

• If you look over to the right hand column of the blog, you’ll see this:

Subscribe to blog image

This is just an image of the “Follow Blog” widget. To actually follow the blog, please go to the working “Follow Blog” widget over to the right –>

If you are enjoying the blog, please type your email address where it says “Enter your email address” and then click on the black “Follow” button. Every time a new blog is posted, you will receive an email. If at any time you decide you’d rather not receive further email notifications, you can always contact me and I will un-follow you.

• Don’t forget to see what’s up at the Jonathan Clark House museum. Check out the latest news and activities and, if you’re not a member already, please consider supporting the work of the museum with a membership or a gift to the Capital Campaign.

• And as always, please feel free to let me know your comments, corrections and suggestions.